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Was born in 1970 year. My full name does not matter, but in many places for short zi. I'm reside in Sofia city, Bulgaria. Small country in east Europe. Working in gas pipeline construction company, like Chief Construction department and Executive Director of a design organization.

One of the main questions always is: When did you started collecting minibottles? I remeber very well my first 2 miniatures from 1980 year. My parents have gifts, but they were quickly appropriated. At the beginning I collected everything, like everybody. After many years /when I got married/ have nice collection, but it was abandoned in the cabinets of my parents. After 2 years apartment was robbed and only my miniatures had disappeared. After loss of more than 90% of the collection I stop to collect miniatures for many years. Always when I travel look at some stores, bars and shops for miniatures. That is why, after many years, start again to collect miniatures. Started almost from zero. Very fast I decided to specialise in Scotch Single Malt Whisky miniatures. Keep interest with Ballantine's like blend whisky and last, but not least collect Bulgarian miniatures. Hope some day to make catalogue for Bulgarian miniatures, because many collectors in Bulgaria have small parts of them.

I drink alcohol very rarely and mainly only to test what I collect. It's nice that in last years in Bulgaria have forum, where make appointments for tests of Malt whiskies. To collect miniatures is quite an expensive hobby, but in last years my collection growing up with help of many collectors /Thank you for their help/, e-bay, auctions, online shops, ets.

Another hobby which I have is Pixel Art. If you want to know more about Pixel Art go to:

Wish you all the best ... zi