One of the most important things is to keep your collection in good condition. Otherwise, you have cast your work, time and money in vain. Alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, vodka, gin evaporate much more easily than liqueurs and wines.

You have to comply with several mandatory conditions, that have been personally tested over the years. Most importantly, your bottles are well sealed. The various sealing options are discussed in detail here.


1. When taking a new bottle, always check and tighten the cap further. Due to the presence of temperature differences, a few days after the initial tightening of the cap, it is good to get back again. I happened to practice it several times on separate bottles and always have a slight lug for tightening.

2. Do not store the bottles in direct sunlight or in bright light. After a while the labels will lose their colors. The additional touch of direct sunlight leads to more temperature differences of the bottle itself and hence a greater likelihood of getting different bottle-caps and caps. The subsequent effect is evaporation.

3. Keep the bottles behind the showcase. Dust and cigarette smoke lead to label contamination and color change. The most obvious is a white label. After a long stay, the white becomes yellowish-brown color.

4. Try to maintain a relatively constant room temperature. With large seasonal differences in room temperatures, deformations and different bottle and cap extensions occur. Repeated repetitions, in time, lead inevitably to the evaporation of the liquid. See details for alcohol level in bottles.

5. Obligate to seal the bottles. The results of non-printing are detrimental. It is very possible for your bottles to remain partially full.

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