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Since information on the types of barrels and the different percentages of alcohol is available on many miniature whisky labels, so special attention is paid here. Measured alcohol content by European, English and American standards. Information is available on the types of barrels used in the aging of whisky.

cask whisky barrel

Percentages of alcohol

Many malt or blended whiskeys are bottled for different countries. Labels have different percentages of alcohol content and it is necessary to know what the differences are. You may also get bottled with "Cask Strength" /without water after aging whisky/ bottles, with the alcohol content on the label very confusing. To get the information you need, what percentage of alcohol you consume or own is the table below.

процент алкохол


Types of barrels

Whisky in the barrel is one of the most influential processes that determine the taste of the whiskey. Whilst the duration of the ripening of the whisky is important, the type of the barrel is insidious. The wood of the barrel adds the various sophisticated flavors to the distillation character. Different barrels add different tastes. The most important components that influence the alcohol in the barrels are:
- how many times the barrel is used - the more times, the less it will be given as the flavor of the liquid inside;
- the greater the surface-to-volume ratio, the more the whisky flavor will get;
- the length of time that the liquid stays in the barrel - more time means more flavor and flavor extraction;
- the intensity of the spirits - a lighter style will get greater impact than the tree than a more saturated.

процент алкохол

- Firkin: 41 litres / 11 US gallons;
- Quarter Cask: 50 litres / 13 US gallons;
- Rundlet: 70 litres / 18 US gallons;
- Tierce: 160 litres / 42 US gallons;
- British Barrel: 160 litres / 43 US gallons;
- ASB Barrel: 200 litres / 54 US gallons;
- Hogshead: 250 – 300 litres / 66 – 79 US gallons;
- Barrique: (cognac) 300 litres / 79 US gallons and (wine) 225 litres / 59 US gallons;
- Puncheon or Tertian: 450 litres / 120 US gallons;
- Butt: 500 litres / 132 US gallons;
- Pipe: 650 litres / 172 US gallons;
- Drum: 650 litres / 172 US gallons;
- Gorda: 700 litres / 185 US gallons;
- Tun: 982 litres / 250 US gallons.


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