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Single Malt Scotch and Bulgarian miniatures homepage. Here you can find over 4000 whisky miniatures.

At last, after so many years of collecting minibottles, I made the decision to create a webpage for them. On this website you can view my entire collection of miniatures alcohol bottles of up to 50ml (5cl) included some rare, old single malt Scotch, blend, Japanese, American and bourbon, Irish whiskey, Ballantine's and Bulgarian bottles. A miniature is a small bottle of a spirit, liqueur or other alcoholic beverage. Content, is intended to comprise an individual test. Here you can look mainly Scotch Malt Whisky and Bulgarian miniatures /like Rakia/, because I have interest in collecting them. Also I've kept my interest to collect Scotch Ballantine's.

Until 2012 I was updating only my gallery with pictures of whisky minibottles in "flickr" for personal use and for quick reference of what I have. But now I would like to make better shots of my bottles. That is why I started this site with my private collection  ... and what is collecting if someone does not boast.

I periodically add information for new available malt Scotch miniatures to buy in internet. I hope you to find fun. Don't forget to check regularly here for updates.

If you have any questions about information for minibottles, trade, swap, sale etc. feel free to contact me:

             e-mail:           zi_design@abv.bg

Thank you for visiting my site with minibottles collection. Enjoy  ... and slainte!

NEWS whisky


Nice end of the year with Glenlivet sample, which I have been looking from years, few Silent Still and Signatory, Littlemill private cellar edition 2015 and 2017. All the best for next year and many smiles on the holidays.

December updates 2018



New distillery added - Wolfburn with first two miniatures.

see page s_t single malt



A special micro whisky miniature page is made for the collection.

Micro miniatures



Have all Regional Malt miniatures bottled from Douglas Laing.

aberfeldy whisky miniature collection



You can find all lists of miniatures bottled from Independent bottlers Signatory and Malts of Scotland.

See pdf for Signatory

See pdf for MoS



After a lot of laziness, in September will update everything from the past year and a half.

All new MoS are on site.


Old News 2012-2017 year

Older NEWS can be found here.